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Conversations Contain Powerful Insights

Business is built upon conversations. That’s why your conversational AI solution needs to do more than just streamline processes. It needs to power the kind of conversations that foster trust and get to the core of what people need.
Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and enterprise chatbots for customer engagement and workforce support.

Know Your Business

As industry pioneers, we understand what it takes to deliver an effective conversational AI solution. Successful AI solutions are built on a foundation of real-world experience and industry expertise and backed by your own data. Our solutions speak your language and know your business.

AI Solutions

Leveraging AI for your company is a smart idea and ensuring you partner with industry experts is essential to your success. Learn more about the solutions we’ve created to make AI faster to implement, more effective and more relevant for enterprises everywhere.

Innovating on technologies

The main focus being artificial intelligence we are engaging in various researches and experiments to develop the state of art of the AI technology. We have done various advancements to the present SOA technology in image processing and automation control.
In Sketch-App Solutions, we try innovating on technologies that can accelerate our growth towards the future of betterment for mankind. Artificial intelligence is still at it's infancy now, which when becomes full fledged possess the power to change completely the way we live. Researches on new algorithms and models are being done on the key areas that first needs to be addressed.

Image processing

Image processing integration with web-applications

Medical diagnosis

Image processing for medical diagnosis

Automated Neural Network

Automated Neural Network controlling programs

Web data structural developmet

Web data structural developmet

Real time voice assistant

Real time voice assistant integration for home automation

Regional audio processing

Regional audio processing