Sketch app Smart Home. Your home. Newly invented.

Whether a stand-alone or system solution, we define a Smart Home as an intelligent dwelling in which devices communicate with each other and automatically adapt to constantly changing daily needs. For more comfort, security, and energy efficiency

  • A team player and an individual
    Smart solutions — as part of a system or on its own. Our products add an extra level of security, comfort, and design to your home
  • Smart System Solutions
    System solutions that reveal their full potential when used as a team. Learn about smart products for indoor climate, lighting, and home
  • Smart Single Solutions
    Clever features united in one product. Smart Single Solutions work by itself but are designed to be integrated into Smart System Solutions later

Our solutions make home life easier and more enjoyable. Automated processes take care of everyday tasks so you don’t have to though you stay in control.


Protect what’s near and dear to you: your home and your loved ones. Our security solutions help secure your home and offer other useful capabilities. Plus, they look good while doing so.


Smoke Detectors play an essential role, they provide vital protection in case of fire. Twinguard does even more

360° Indoor Camera

360° Indoor Camera delivers high definition images, down to the last angle. If you let it, of course.

Eyes Outdoor Camera

The Eyes Outdoor Camera offers the best of both worlds: reliable property surveillance and brilliant exterior lighting.

Climate Starter Set

For an ideal introduction to your Smart Home: the intelligently combined product package from our Smart Home.

Refrigerator function

Our smar home fridge have a feature that can turn on and off anywhere and many other customized options.

Easy Control

A snug, warm home at the right time Using Easy control from Skecth app, you can save energy at the same time.