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Combining the most modern advancements in computer science
and artificial intelligence with artistic solutions

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Creative and Expert

The turn of the 18th century, stirring the renaissance in motion, set forth a dream. A dream of a connected world engulfed in beauty and ease for mankind. Now for the first time in the history of the planet, we have the necessary resources and capability to make it happen. Driven by this century-old inspiration, here we set forth a path to realize the dream. Combining the most modern advancements in computer science and artificial intelligence with architecture and artistic solutions, we hope to make the dream come true soon.

Introducing Sketch App
Future of Smart Farming

Why IoT, big data & smart farming are the future of agriculture

Future food demands

It offers a plan to handle future food demands. It allows crops to grow year-round

Less water

Weather doesn't affect the crops. It uses significantly less water


More organic crops can be grown. There is less exposure to chemicals and disease

Sometimes the little things are big things

We are experts in Application development, for the PC, Mobile as well as World wide web.

  • Enterprise-Grade Apps
  • Business-Oriented Apps
  • Consumer-Facing Apps
  • App Maintenance and Support
  • IOT App Development Services
  • Web App Development Services
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Artificial intelligence

In Sketch-App Solutions, we try innovating on technologies that can accelerate our growth towards the future of betterment for mankind. Artificial intelligence is still at it's infancy now, which when becomes full fledged possess the power to change completely the way we live.

We believe that innovation and technology is going to shape our modern world into a beautiful one. So that artificial intelligence will be one of the key in this.we advise our customers on potential AI opportunities and best practices to develop and reshape their business.We also help them to gain business understanding for AI readiness assessments and perform.

Research and Development

Researches on new algorithms and models are being done on the key areas that first needs to be addressed.
  • Image processing integration with web-applications
  • Image processing for medical diagnosis
  • Automated Neural Network controlling programs
  • Real time voice assistant integration for home automation
  • Regional audio processing
  • Web data structural developmet

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